Petroglyphs of Fossum
The petroglyphs of Fossum in the Swedish municipality of Tanum, Bohuslän date back to the Nordic Bronze Age.
the cave of kapova
The cave of Kapova is known for its Palaeolithic rock carvings that are 18,000 years old.
tanum petroglyphs
The Tanum petroglyphs, which can be found in southwestern Sweden, date back to the Nordic Bronze Age and are about 3,000 years old.
cave of niaux
The cave of Niaux is an ornate cave from the Upper Paleolithic which has yielded numerous Magdalenian parietal figures.
Astuvansalmi rock paintings
The Astuvansalmi rock paintings are an ensemble of prehistoric rock paintings on the banks of Lake Yövesi in Ristiina near Mikkeli in eastern Finland.
lascaux cave
The stunning Lascaux cave rock paintings date back to 15,000 BCE.

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