Menhirs de Mané-Meur
The Menhirs de Mané-Meur are a group of standing stones located in the Carnac region of Brittany, France.
Locmariaquer megaliths
The Locmariaquer megaliths are a group of prehistoric monuments located in Locmariaquer, a small coastal town in Brittany, France.
Zkamenělý pastýř menhir
The Zkamenělý pastýř menhir is a prehistoric standing stone or menhir located in the Czech Republic.
Bolsjoj Robyak Menhirs
Bolsjoj Robyak Menhirs are ancient menhirs located on the island of Bolshoy Robyak, in the Kemsky region of Karelia, Russia.
Krkavčanski menhir
Krkavčanski menhir is a 2.5 m high unpolished stone megalith located near the town of Krkavče in Slovenia.
Mên Scryfa
The menhir Mên Scryfa (also Mên Scrifa, meaning "stone with writing") is an inscribed standing stone in Cornwall, England.
Megalithic complex Akhunove
Akhunovski menhirs is an ancient monument in the Bashkir village of Akhunovo, Russia.
pierre haina
The Pierre Haina, sometimes also called White Menhir, is a natural rock in the municipality of Durbuy in the Belgian province of Luxembourg. It is one of the area's legendary stones.
menhir danthine
The Menhir Danthine is a menhir near Wéris in the municipality of Durbuy in the Belgian province of Luxembourg.
the blind fiddler
The Blind Fiddler (also known as Tregonebris or Trenuggo Longstone) is a 3.3 meter high quartz-banded granite menhir (standing stone) that stands behind a hedge near Catchall in Cornwall, England.
beardown man
Beardown Man is a Bronze Age menhir near Devil’s Tor and the Cowsic River in Devon, England.
parc la mutta
The Parc la Mutta is a row of stones created in the Middle Bronze Age near Falera in the Surselva in the Swiss canton of Graubünden.

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