carrawburgh mithraeum
The Carrawburgh Mithraeum is located on the former site of a Roman fort at Hadrian's wall.
mithraeum marino
Just outside of Rome, in the town of Marino, the Mithraeum Marino can be found.
london mithraeum
The London Mithraeum is one of the most important archaeological finds from Roman times in London, England. The sanctuary dedicated to Mithras (called Mithraeum) was discovered in 1954 during construction work on Walbrook.
Mithraeum of Ostia Antica
The Mithraeum of Ostia Antica is the largest known temple dedicated to Mithra.
Rožanec mithraeum
Near the village of Rožanec is a hidden Mithraeum,  to which a marked path leads.
mithraeum saarbrbücken
The Mithraeum in Saarbrücken is located on the western slope of the Halberg, and it's one of the oldest historical places in the Saarbrücken area.
Bas-relief of Mithras in Bourg-Saint-Andéol
In the French town of Bourg-Saint-Andéol one can find this bas-relief of Mithras, which was once part of a Mithraeum.
Mithraeum in Močići
The Mithraeum in the Croatian village of Močići is located in a natural cave.
Mithraeum in Fertőrákos
The Mithraeum in Fertőrákos is a Roman-era place of worship dedicated to Mithras located on the Hungarian-Austrian border.

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