Drotten petroglyphs
The Drotten petroglyphs are a collection of rock carvings from the Stone Age in Fåberg, Lillehammer municipality, Norway.
Tennes rock carvings
The rock carvings from Tennes (Norwegian Helleristningene på Tennes) are located in Balsfjord, in Troms og Finnmark in Norway.
Chalmny-Varre petroglyphs
The Chalmny-Varre petroglyphs are located in the Lovozersk region, near the village of Ivanovka or Chalmny-Varre, in the north of Russia.
Møllerstufossen rock carvings
The Møllerstufossen  rock carvings are located in Nord-Sinni, between Dokka in Nordre Land and Aurdal in Nord-Aurdal in the Fylke Innlandet in Norway.
magura cave
Magoura Cave (Bulgarian: Магурата) is an ornate cave from Bulgaria, whose wall paintings date from the Mesolithic and Neolithic times.
siega verde
Iberian Palaeolithic art has one of its main and best exponents in the open-air archaeological site of Siega Verde in the province of Salamanca, Spain.
petroglyphs of belomorsk
The petroglyphs of Belomorsk (in Russian: Беломорские петроглифы), are rock carvings located near Belomorsk, in the Russian republic of Karelia.
glösa petroglyphs
The Glösa petroglyphs are located near the village of Glösa, in the province of Jämtland in northern Sweden.
Petroglyphs of lake Onega
The petroglyphs of Lake Onega are rock engravings dating from the Neolithic period.
Petroglyphs of Fossum
The petroglyphs of Fossum in the Swedish municipality of Tanum, Bohuslän date back to the Nordic Bronze Age.
tanum petroglyphs
The Tanum petroglyphs, which can be found in southwestern Sweden, date back to the Nordic Bronze Age and are about 3,000 years old.

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