frösö runestone
The Frösö Runestone (Frösöstenen) is Sweden's northernmost and Jämtland's only preserved Viking-era runestone.
stone of stora hammar
The Stone of Stora Hammar is a stone decorated with images from the Viking age.
glavendrup runestone
The Glavendrup runestone, referred to as DR 209 by Rundata, is a rune stone on Funen in Denmark and dates from the early 10th century.
Einangsteinen is a runestone that is carved in the older futhark.
granavollen runestone
The Granavollen runestone is a runestone in the cemetery of the Nikolaikirche of Gran in the Norwegian town of Innlandet.
sparlösa runestone
The Sparlösa runestone in Västergötland is, after Rök's rune stone, the most famous rune stone from Sweden.
runestone of rök
The Runestone of Rök in Sweden holds the longest known rune text.
thingplatz guly thing
The Thingplatz Guly-Thing in Gulde is a reconstruction of an ancient German Thing place.

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