The Domaresten (meaning judges' stone, also called Klangstenen vid Borgs kyrka) is located near Norrköping in Östergötland in Sweden.
The Dingspelerberg is a hill outside the Dutch town of Markelo. It is believed that the hill is named after the Saxon Thing (dingplaats / thingplatz) that must have been there around 700 CE.
Thingstätte in Dingstede
The Thingstätte in Dingstede is a modern-day replica of a thing place that was supposedly found in Dingstede in ancient times
urnehoved tingsted
Urnehoved Tingsted is a Thing place located in Southern Jutland, Denmark.
thingplatz guly thing
The Thingplatz Guly-Thing in Gulde is a reconstruction of an ancient German Thing place.

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