lejre museum
Lejre Museum is a historical museum located in the small town of Lejre, Denmark.
culture of the teutons
This book is a study of the mythology and culture of the Germanic peoples.
Wolin centre of Slavs and Vikings
Jomsborg - Vineta open-air museum is located in Wolin, Poland. The museum is focussed on the local history of the Slavic people and the Vikings of some 1,000 years ago.
Port an Eilean Mhòir boat burial
The Port an Eilean Mhòir boat burial is the oldest Viking Age boat grave (of around a dozen) in the United Kingdom.
gimli viking statue
The Gimli Viking Statue is located in the town of Gimli, in the province of Manitoba in Canada. The statue is 4.6 metres tall and was unveiled in 1967.
Viking village on Bukkøy
The Viking village on Bukkøy is located on the small island of Bukkøy at Avaldsnes, Norway.
midgard viking center
Midgard Viking Centre is a museum that celebrates the rich Viking history of Norway. The museum is located in the town of Horten, which lies in the south of the Oslofjord.
jelling runestones
The runestones of Jelling are large runestones with inscriptions in rune script in the graveyard of a church in Jelling, Denmark.
runestone of rök
The Runestone of Rök in Sweden holds the longest known rune text.
lindholm hoje
Lindholm Høje is a sprawling cemetery in Denmark where some 700 Vikings have their last resting place.
burial mound of oleg of novgorod
This burial mound is believed to be the grave of the Varangian ruler Oleg of Novogrod.
Experience the Viking Age at the Viking village Trelleborg!

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