Submission guidelines

Submission guidelines

Adding quality content to Pagan Places

This page is meant to assist you with writing high-quality content for Pagan Places. We want to ensure that our userbase gets the best possible information.

This document outlines some general principles you should abide by, and it contains a detailed explanation of the best way to fill out all the fields when submitting a place.

General principles


First, search the website to see if the pagan place you want to add already exists. We’d hate for you to do redundant work.

If the content you want to add already exists, but you think you can improve the existing content, consider applying to become an editor. As an editor you will be able to edit all existing places.


Use clear and polite language. Describe the place in such a way that anyone that might read it instantly understands what kind of place it is, and what its significance to European paganism is.

We recommend using Grammarly ( to improve your writing. It’s a free app that works directly in your browser.


We ask you to keep some standards in mind to make sure that we all communicate information in the same way:


Pagan Places is not the place to ellaborate about your politics or all the fringe theories you subscribe to (and we all got some of those). Singing the praise of a place is a good thing, but try to stick to the information we have about that place that is generally accepted.

The specifics: field by field recommendations

What is this place called?

Use a decriptive name that is commonly used for the place.

Bad: Temple of Apollo

Good: Temple of Apollo at Ephesus

Bad: Burial mound

Bad: The prehistoric burial mounds located at De Regte Heide near Goirle, the Netherlands

Good: Regte Heide burial mounds

In one or two sentences, what defines this place?

Bad: Pre-Christian, Pre-Roman Chalk Carving

Bad: Dated at about between 1380 – 550 BC. Once thought simply scratched into the surface, it is now known via silt samples that this was actually cut into the hill at up to 1 meter or 3 feet deep.

Good: The Uffington White Horse is a giant hill figure near Uffington, England.

In which country is this place located?

Select the country the place is located in. If the country is not listed, please contact us at We’ll consider adding the country.

What is the address of this place?

The address must be written in a way that Google maps understands it. Google maps understands a lot of different ways of formatting, but try to be precise. After all, we want people to be able to actually find the placed based on the information we offer, and not just the general area they might find the place.

Bad: England

Bad: Oxfordshire, England

Bad: White horse

Good: Uffington White Horse, Faringdon, England


This field is optional. If it concerns a very obscure, or unknown place, do fill this out.


This field is optional. If it concerns a very obscure, or unknown place, do fill this out.

What type of paganism does this place relate to? (you can choose more than one option)

Use your best judgement. You may choose more than one option, but don’t go selecting too much. In general, two or three options should be the maximum.

What kind of pagan place is this? (You can choose more than one option)

Select the options that apply.

Write your description of this place below.

This is where you describe the place in some detail. As such, this is the core of your contribution. Ideally, the description is at least 600 words long. There is no maximum to the lenght, but anything above 2500 words will probably be too long for most users to actually read.

Below you can add the sources you have used for this article. Please use APA formatting.

If you have used specific sources to get your information from, you can add them here. We ask you refer to your sources in accordance with the APA-guidelines. More information about how to use references in accordance with the APA guidelines can be found here.

Please add a high-quality photo that highlights the place.

Each place should have at least one picture added. This is where you upload that picture. A landscape picture is preferred over a portrait picture.

Do not upload copyrighted material!

If you’re looking for images that are free to use, these are some good sources:

Wikimedia commons



If you have several photo’s of this place, please upload them here. (max. 10 photo’s) (Optional)

If you have several photo’s of the place, you may add them here. These photos will become an added gallery.

Is there a (semi-) official website about this place?

If there is an organisation that owns the place, or a website that is dedicated to the place, this is the place to post the link to that website/webpage.

If it is a website that offers some information about the place, add it as a source above.