Svetovid statue Otrębusy
The Svetovid statue Otrębusy is located in the park next to the Otrębusy train station in Poland.
Svetovid statue in Gubin
Wooden Svetovid statue in Gubin, Poland. Svetovid, also written as Svantovit or Sventovit, is a Slavic god of war, fertility, and abundance.
Svetovid statue in Hamilton
This Svetovid statue in Hamilton was made in 2013 by the Polish sculptor Andrzej Pityński (1947-2020).
Zbruch idol replica
The Zbruch idol replica is located near the Wawel castle in Krakau, Poland.
svantovit statue wolin
Wooden Svantovit statue in Wolin, Poland. Svantovit (also called Svetovid) is a Slavic god of whom quite some cult-sites were found in eastern Germany and western Poland.
svantevit statue on Rügen
The Svantevit statue on Rügen is a modern recreation of a statue that is believed to have been part of an ancient holy place of the Slavs.
Svetovid statue in Kiev
The Svetovid statue in Kyiv is located in the heart of Kyiv. It depicts the Svetovid, a Slavic deity of War, Fertility, and Abundance.

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