Odinism, also known as Heathenry or Asatru, is a modern pagan religious movement that seeks to revive and reconstruct the pre-Christian spiritual beliefs and practices of the Germanic and Norse peoples. Central to Odinism is the veneration of the Norse gods, with Odin, the Allfather and god of wisdom, war, and poetry, as a prominent figure. Other deities, such as Thor, Freyja, and Loki, are also revered. Odinists emphasize a deep connection with nature, ancestor worship, and the cycles of the seasons. Rituals and ceremonies often involve offerings, feasting, and storytelling to honor the gods and seek their blessings. The study of Odinism offers insights into how modern pagans draw inspiration from ancient Norse mythology and cultural heritage, finding spiritual meaning in the natural world and their ancestral roots. As with many neopagan movements, individual interpretations and practices within Odinism can vary, making it a diverse and evolving religious movement in contemporary times.