Svetovid is a Slavic deity worshipped in the Baltic region, particularly among the Western Slavs. He is a four-headed god associated with war, fertility, abundance, and prophecy. Svetovid’s image is usually depicted with four faces, each looking toward one of the cardinal directions, symbolizing his all-seeing and all-knowing nature. His cult was prevalent in the early medieval period, with important temples dedicated to him on the island of Rügen in present-day Germany. Svetovid was believed to protect the land and its people, and his worship involved rituals, including animal sacrifices and divination practices. The decline of his cult coincided with the Christianization of the region, but remnants of his veneration can still be found in Slavic folklore and historical references. Svetovid remains an essential figure in the study of Slavic mythology and the cultural and religious beliefs of the early Slavic people.