Vosegus is a Gaulish god worshipped in ancient Celtic religious traditions. Little is known about Vosegus, as there are limited historical records and inscriptions about this deity. Vosegus is believed to have been associated with the Vosges mountain range, located in present-day France. The Vosges region was inhabited by Celtic tribes, and Vosegus likely played a role as a local deity connected to the natural features of the landscape. The worship of Vosegus might have involved rituals and offerings to seek protection, fertility, or blessings related to the mountains, forests, and rivers of the region. Due to the scarcity of information about Vosegus, modern interpretations and understanding of this god are based on archaeological evidence, linguistic analysis, and comparative studies with other Celtic deities. Vosegus remains an enigmatic figure in Celtic mythology and serves as a reminder of the complex and diverse religious beliefs of the ancient Celts. The study of Vosegus contributes to our knowledge of Celtic religion and the spiritual significance attributed to natural landmarks in the Celtic world.