Centro Druídico da Lvsitânea
Centro Druídico da Lvsitânea is a modern Druidic organization located in Portugal. The group was founded in 1996 with the aim of reviving the ancient wisdom and spiritual practices of the Celtic people.
Le Cheslé is a celtic hillfort located south of Bérismenil, Belgium
A roman temple built over a sacred iron age area on the hills near Verona.
The Schinkelsknopf is a burial mound near Galhausen, Belgium dated around 750 to 100 BC.
harlow temple
The ruins of the Gallo-Roman Harlow temple are located on a hill in Harlow, Essex, England.
Derfflinger Hügel
Derfflinger Hügel is a prehistoric and early historical burial mound near Kalbsrieth, Thuringia, Germany.
Gallo-Roman temple in Genainville
The Gallo-Roman temple in Genainville, a French commune in the Val-d'Oise department in the Île-de-France region, was built around 160 CE.
Janus temple in Autun
The Janus temple in Autun, a French town in the Saône-et-Loire department in the Burgundy region, is the ruin of a tower from the 1st century on the northern outskirts.
glauberg burial mound
The Glauberg burial mound is a Celtic burial mound (royal grave) in the German municipality of Glauburg, which is located 300 meters south of the oppidum.
Reconstructed Vosegus temple
The reconstructed Vosegus temple on the summit of Donon mountain France was built in neoclassical style during the reign of Napoleon III.
Mên Scryfa
The menhir Mên Scryfa (also Mên Scrifa, meaning "stone with writing") is an inscribed standing stone in Cornwall, England.
The Gallische hoeve is a reconstruction of a late iron age rural/farming settlement with various buildings in East Flanders,Belgium.

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