Ipf hilltop settlement

Ipf mountain was the location of a Celtic hillfort and burial mounds nearby.


The mountain Ipf was already settled in the Neolithic and Bronze Age. Over time the top was filled up and levelled into a plateau. During the Hallstatt and Latène period a hillfort with three rows of walls was built, consisting of wooden poles and stones (Pfostenschlitzmauer). Today there are still earthworks visible and juniper trees grow on the slopes of the mountain.

Two kilometers east of the mountain two Celtic burial mounds from ~500 BCE were excavated, one of them is reconstructed on site today. Further southeast more burial mounds and buildings were located. One of them was a 15 x 15 meter large hall, which is interpreted as a meeting place.

Just south of the mountain Ipf is the town Bopfingen, where a rectangular ditched enclosure (Viereckschanze) from ~300 BCE was found.


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