Neptuno de Melenara

Neptuno de Melenara is a statue of Neptune located on Melenara beach on the island of Gran Canaria.
neptuno de melenara

Neptuno de Melenara is a statue of the Roman god of the sea, Neptune (Greek: Poseidon) located on Melenara beach on the island of Gran Canaria. Neptuno de Melenara is widely considered as one of the most significant landmarks in the area.

The Neptuno de Melenara statue was created in 1975 by the Spanish sculptor, Luis Arencibia, who was born in Gran Canaria in 1925. Arencibia was a self-taught artist and a prominent figure in the contemporary art scene in Spain. He created many sculptures, paintings, and drawings throughout his career, and his work is recognized for its distinct style, marked by the use of geometric shapes and bold colors.

The Neptuno de Melenara statue was commissioned by the municipality of Telde, which is the administrative center of the region. The statue was designed as a tribute to the town's strong connection with the sea, which has been an essential part of its history and culture. Melenara is a small fishing village located on the eastern coast of Gran Canaria, and fishing has been a significant source of livelihood for the local community for centuries.

The Neptuno de Melenara statue stands on a rocky promontory overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The statue is made of bronze and is about four meters tall. It depicts Neptune holding his trident in his right hand and a fish in his left. The placement of the statue in the shallow waters at the beach make it look as if Neptune is emerging from the ocean, with his trident in his one hand, and beckoning the ocean to follow along with his other.

The Neptuno de Melenara statue is not just a work of art; it also has a cultural significance for the people of Melenara. The statue has become a symbol of the town's maritime heritage and the fishing industry. The statue is a reminder of the importance of the sea to the community, and it has become a meeting point for locals and tourists alike.

Over the years, the statue has undergone several restorations and renovations to preserve its beauty and cultural significance. In 2009, the Telde municipality launched a project to restore the statue, which was showing signs of wear and tear due to exposure to saltwater and the elements. The restoration process involved cleaning and polishing the statue, repairing any damages, and applying a protective coating to prevent further deterioration.

Apart from its cultural significance, the Neptuno de Melenara statue has also become a popular tourist attraction. The statue is located in a beautiful area with stunning sea views, and it has become a favorite spot for visitors to take pictures and enjoy the scenery

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neptuno de melenara
Neptuno, Calle Isla de Cuba, 35214 Playa de Melenara, Las Palmas, Spain
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