Temple of Apollo in Side
The Temple of Apollo in Side, Turkey, also known as the Side Temple or the Apollon Temple, is an ancient Greek temple that dates back to the 2nd century AD.
temple of sangri
The Temple of Sangri (also called Temple of Demeter of Sangri) is a late Archaic temple on the Cyclades island of Naxos, Greece. The temple was built around 530 BCE.
Temple of Apollo in Syracuse
The Temple of Apollo in Syracuse, also called the Temple of Apollo and Artemis,  is a Greek temple in Syracuse, on the Italian island of Sicily.
claros sanctuary
The Claros sanctuary, in ancient Greek Κλάρος, was a city and an important oracular sanctuary dedicated to Apollo on the territory of the city of Colophon in Ionia, modern-day Turkey.
temple of apollo sosiano
The temple of Apollo Sosiano, or more correctly the temple of Apollo in Circus, is a temple of ancient Rome which stood in the area indicated as in Circo Flaminio, at the theatre of Marcellus.
temple of apollo in pompeii
The Temple of Apollo in Pompeii is a Roman temple built in 120 BCE and dedicated to the Greek and Roman god Apollo in the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, southern Italy.
Temple of Apollo Epikourios
The well-preserved Temple of Apollo Epikourios was constructed sometime in the mid-400s BCE. The temple is dedicated to Apollo Epikourios ("Apollo the Helper").
apollonia albania
Apollonia is an archaeological site in central Albania near the village of Pojan in Qark Fier.
temple of apollo zoster
The Temple of Apollo Zoster is an ancient Greek temple located at Vouliagmeni in Attica, Greece.
temple of apollo at delphi
The Apollo temple of Delphi is one of the most famous religious sites of the ancient world.

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