dragon house

The Dragon Houses of Greece, also known as “Drakospita,” are a group of ancient megalithic structures found in various regions of the Greek mainland. These unique buildings date back to the late Bronze Age and early Iron Age, approximately between 2000 BCE and 1000 BCE. The Dragon Houses are so-called due to the belief that their shape resembles the body of a dragon or serpent. They are typically rectangular or trapezoidal in shape and were constructed using large limestone blocks without the use of mortar. The purpose and function of the Dragon Houses remain a subject of scholarly debate. Some theories suggest that they served as defensive structures or watchtowers, while others propose religious or ritualistic functions. The Dragon Houses are intriguing archaeological sites that provide valuable insights into the prehistoric societies of ancient Greece and their architectural achievements. Studying these enigmatic structures contributes to our understanding of the social, cultural, and religious aspects of the region during the Bronze and Iron Ages.