The Asatru Folk Assembly (AFA) is a contemporary pagan organization focused on the revival and practice of Asatru, an ancient Germanic religion. Asatru is based on the religious beliefs and practices of the Germanic peoples, including the Vikings and other early Germanic tribes. Followers of Asatru venerate a pantheon of gods and goddesses, such as Odin, Thor, Freyja, and Frigg, and seek to connect with their ancestral heritage and traditions. The AFA emphasizes a deep reverence for nature and its cycles, drawing inspiration from the natural world in their spiritual practices. Asatru rituals often involve offerings and ceremonies tied to seasonal changes, harvest festivals, and significant life events. The AFA’s mission includes fostering a sense of community among its members and promoting cultural and religious education related to Asatru and Germanic heritage. It is essential to recognize that modern interpretations of Asatru and other neopagan practices may vary among different groups and individuals, as these beliefs are often rooted in historical sources and cultural revival. The AFA and other neopagan organizations play a role in preserving and celebrating ancient religious traditions while adapting them to contemporary contexts and spiritual needs.