Thorshof in Linden, North Carolina

thorshof linden north carolina

Thorshof is a contemporary heathen temple dedicated to Thor. Thorshof is owned by the Asatru Folk Assembly, an influential North American heathen organisation.

Thorshof is located in the town of Linden, North Carolina. It is the second hof of the Asatru Folk Assembly, the first one being Newgrange hall in Northern California.

The creation of this hof is in large part thanks to the efforts of Gothi Svan Herul, as well as his family’s support and dedication.


Asatru Folk Assembly (2020) Þórshof: Second Hof of the Asatru Folk Assembly. Retrieved 24 June 2020 from
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thorshof linden north carolina
4487 Linden Road, 28356 Linden, North Carolina, United States of America
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