Baldurs Hof in Murdock, Minnesota

Baldurshof is a contemporary heathen temple. It is the third heathen temple of the Asatru Folk Assembly.

baldurshof murdock minnesota

Baldurshof is the third heathen temple of the Asatru Folk Assembly. The hof is located in a beautiful 120-year old church building along the main street of this tiny prairie town. As the name suggests, this hof is dedicated to the god Baldur (also Balder).

Baldurshof has been a hof of the Asatru Folk Assembly since 2020. Its location in the vast America Midwest means this hof can serve as a central hub for the members of the Asatru Folk Assembly living on the Northern Plains.

Due to their views on race and religion, the Asatru Folk Assembly has been having some legal issues with the town, and there is talk of denying them a permit. They need a permit because the Hof is located in a residential neighbourhood.

The Asatru Folk Assembly is one of the few heathen organisations that has been consistently growing over the past decades. Undoubtedly the future of the Asatru Folk Assembly will bring more contemporary temples for heathens.

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700 Main Ave, Murdock, MN 56271, United States of America
45.2221883, -95.3898336
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