Rodnovery, also known as Slavic Native Faith, is a modern pagan religious movement that seeks to revive and reconstruct the pre-Christian spiritual beliefs and traditions of the Slavic peoples. It is centered on veneration of the Slavic pantheon, including gods and goddesses such as Perun, Veles, and Mokosh. Rodnovery emphasizes a deep connection with nature and ancestors and often involves rituals and celebrations tied to the cycles of the seasons and important life events. Followers of Rodnovery seek to maintain and honor their cultural and spiritual heritage while adapting it to contemporary contexts. The movement gained momentum after the fall of communism, allowing for greater religious freedom in Eastern Europe. As with other revivalist movements, individual interpretations and practices within Rodnovery can vary, reflecting the diversity of modern pagan beliefs. Studying Rodnovery provides insights into the complex interplay between cultural heritage, nationalism, and religious revivalism in the context of Slavic societies.