The Temple of the Wisdom of Perun

The temple of the wisdom of Perun is located in Omsk, Russia. It is an Ynglist temple.

temple of the wisdom of perun

The temple of the wisdom of Perun is located in Omsk, Russia. It belongs to the Ancient Russian Ynglist Church of the Orthodox Old Believers–Ynglings (Russian: Древнерусская Инглиистическая Церковь Православных Староверов–Инглингов).

Ynglism is a modern pagan religious movement that emerged in Russia during the late 20th century. Rooted in Slavic folklore, it venerates the god Yngly (Ingli), symbolizing the universe’s eternal cycle and the interconnectedness of all beings. Ynglism embraces nature worship, ancestral veneration, and ethical principles, emphasizing harmony with the environment and social unity. Ynglism is seen as a branch of Rodnovery. Rituals include seasonal celebrations, meditation, and storytelling. The movement experienced a revival in the post-Soviet era, seeking to revive and preserve ancient Slavic beliefs while adapting to contemporary contexts.

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