Perun is a Slavic god associated with thunder, lightning, and war. In Slavic mythology, he is considered one of the most powerful deities and a symbol of strength and protection. Perun is often depicted as a tall, bearded man wielding a hammer or an axe, ready to strike lightning bolts against his enemies. He was revered as the supreme god of the ancient Slavs, representing the forces of nature and the heavens. Perun’s attributes closely resemble those of other Indo-European thunder gods, such as Thor in Norse mythology and Zeus in Greek mythology. As a sky god, Perun plays a vital role in the agricultural cycle, ensuring fertility and protection against evil forces. Worshipped primarily by warriors and rulers, his cult was widespread among Slavic tribes. Various rituals and festivals were held in his honor, especially during thunderstorms and harvest time. With the Christianization of Slavic territories, Perun’s prominence declined, but his memory and significance endured in folklore, oral traditions, and cultural expressions. Today, Perun remains an essential figure in the study of Slavic mythology and the historical beliefs of the ancient Slavic people.