Temple of Lemminkäinen
The Temple of Lemminkäinen is a mythical temple that is said to have been dedicated to the Finnish god Lemminkäinen.
Sacred Blue Stone near lake Plescheevo and hill of Yarila
Bolsjoj Robyak Menhirs
Bolsjoj Robyak Menhirs are ancient menhirs located on the island of Bolshoy Robyak, in the Kemsky region of Karelia, Russia.
Seid Kivakka
Seid Kivakka is located at the top of Mount Kivakka, in the Paanajärvi National Natural Park, Karelia, Russia.
Ancient stone idol of Slavic and Finno-Ugric people used for healings for hundred years, city of Myshkin, Russia
Ancient stone idol, sacred oak forest, healing spring, sacred stones, monastery and museum near vilage Nekrasovskoye, Yaroslavl region, Russia
Sacrificial spring in Finland.
The Sammallahdenmäki is a hill in the western Finnish town of Lappi, which belongs to the city of Rauma. There are about 36 Bronze Age cairn graves on the hill.
Sacred stones arranged in groups and circles in the forest. Located near the ancient Timerevo settlement were Merya, Slavic and Viking people lived.
Seid Kummakivi
Seid Kummakivi, which means "strange rock" in Finnish, is located in the forest near Imatra, Finland.
petroglyphs of belomorsk
The petroglyphs of Belomorsk (in Russian: Беломорские петроглифы), are rock carvings located near Belomorsk, in the Russian republic of Karelia.

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