Sacred site at Babayki (Nekrasovskoye)

Ancient stone idol, sacred oak forest, healing spring, sacred stones, monastery and museum near vilage Nekrasovskoye, Yaroslavl region, Russia


Near the village Nekrasovskoye located ancient sacred place Babayki. According to historian Bogdanovich, people worshipped the stone idol of the supreme sky god at this place.

The ancient stone idol with aga around 1000 years of ancient Slavic and Finno-Ugric people was discovered in 2020 in the sacred oak forest and described in the book by the local historical museum. The idol resembles the type of healing eatable mushrooms, that grow in this area. Most probably dedicated to Slavic god of wealth/wisdom Veles or sun god Yarila or family god Rod. Such ancient idols are known in this area, its main function was to ensure the fertility of the soil and the healing of people. The sacred oak forest is still there, with several surviving old oaks. Also here near the river Volga a healing spring with water of very high salinity, this water is used for healing bath to improve bones, joints and muscles. Nearby an ancient monastery is located, with ancient sacred stones and a museum. Free access to all places.

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Nekrasovskoye, Babayki, Russia
57.696399, 40.339690
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