Perun stone on Klášťov
The Perun stone on Klášťov is believed to have been used as a place of worship by the Moravians.
Perun idol on mount Perun
Perun idol on mount Perun is a contemporary site in Croatia. The idol was erected by a group of local activists.
Perun statue in Novi Beograd
The Perun statue in Novi Beograd is located at the municipality hall of Novi Beograd, in Belgrade, Serbia.
Kapishche Peruna Vladivostok
Kapishche Peruna (Russian Капище Перуна) is a Slavic temple at the centre of which stands an idol of the thundergod Perun.
Ancient site of worship of Slavic deity Perun, Christianized as St. George, to whom there is a small church dedicated on the site.
Temple of Perun in Novosilky
The Temple of Perun in Novosilky is located just south of Kyiv, Ukraine.
Socha Peruna na Ropici
A wooden Perun statue near Třinec, Czechia.
Pagan idol on Starokyivska Hill
This contemporary wooden Pagan idol can be found on Starokyivska Hill in Kyiv, Ukraine. It is probably a depiction of Perun.
perun mountain
Perun mountain has a great connection to Paganism, as it carries the name of the Slavic god Perun.
slavic sanctuary slovakia
Slavic sanctuary on top of Smrečník mountain. Dedicated to the thunder god Perun.

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