Anta de Zedes

The Anta de Zedes is a megalithic monument located in northern Portugal.

Anta de Zedes

The Anta de Zedes is a megalithic monument located in the parish of São João das Caldas, in the municipality of Vizela, in northern Portugal. It is also known as the Dolmen de São João das Caldas or the Anta de São João.

The Anta de Zedes is a type of megalithic tomb known as an “anta,” which was commonly used during the Neolithic period in the Iberian Peninsula. It is believed to date back to around 4,000 BCE, making it one of the oldest megalithic structures in Portugal.

The Anta de Zedes consists of a large rectangular chamber made of upright stone slabs, which is covered by a large capstone weighing over 15 tons. The chamber is entered through a short passage or corridor made of smaller stones. The chamber would have been used for communal burials, and it is believed that the bones of several individuals were found inside the monument during archaeological excavations.

The Anta de Zedes is a well-preserved monument that provides valuable insight into the lives and beliefs of the prehistoric people who constructed it. It is located in a rural area and can be reached by a short walk from the nearby road.

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