Merheleva Ridge

The Merheleva Ridge is a location in Ukraine known for its historical significance. This ridge is home to an Eneolithic temple and burial complex.

Merheleva Ridge

The Merheleva Ridge, also spelled Mergeleva, is a location in Ukraine known for its historical significance. This ridge is home to an Chalcolithic temple and burial complex, characterized by four prominent stone mounds or kurgans. These kurgans are situated near Perevalsk in the Luhansk oblast of Ukraine, approximately 30 km to the west-to-southwest of the city of Luhansk.

The name “Merheleva” is derived from the Ukrainian word “merhel,” which refers to marlstone, a type of limestone commonly found in the region. This geological feature has lent its name to the ridge.

Archaeological evidence suggests that the site dates back to around 4000 BC, aligning with the Dnieper-Donets or early Yamna culture. Remarkably, the complex maintained its significance across several ages, extending through the Bronze Age and well into the Iron Age, until the 5th century BC Sarmatian period.

The discovery of the Merheleva Ridge site took place in 2004, and its official announcement occurred on September 7, 2006. This site offers valuable insights into the historical and cultural development of the region, shedding light on the practices, beliefs, and rituals of the ancient people who inhabited this area.

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48.403611, 38.938889
48.403611, 38.938889

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