Prebaun Portal Tomb

The collapsed Prebaun portal tomb is situated on the moorland southeast of Prebaun. It is located near the Foxford Way northeast of Foxford in County Mayo, Ireland.

Prebaun Portal Tomb

The collapsed Portal Tomb of Prebaun is situated on the moorland southeast of Prebaun (in Irish, An Preabán; in English, “the Patch”), at the southwestern end of the Ox Mountains, overlooking the valley of the Yellow River, a small tributary of the Moy River (in Irish, An Mhuaidh; in English, “River of the Victory”). It is located near the Foxford Way (in Irish, Bealach Bhéal Easa), northeast of Foxford (in Irish, Béal Easa; in English, “Mouth of the Waterfall”) in County Mayo, Ireland.

Portal Tombs are megalithic structures found in the British Isles, featuring two equally tall upright stones with a doorstone in between, forming the front of a chamber covered by a partially massive capstone.

The northwest-southeast-oriented Portal Tomb consists of an approximately 3.9-meter-long, 2.2-meter-wide, and 0.3-meter-thick capstone, resting on fallen sidewalls and the remains of a portal stone. The complete 2.3-meter-long and the broken 1.6-meter-long portal stones lie on the southwest and northeast sides, adjacent to the capstone.

A possible Court Tomb is located 300 meters northeast of this site.

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Portal tomb by Prebaun, Prebaun, Co. Mayo, Ireland
54.0000547, -9.0233032

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