Straleel North Portal Tomb

The Straleel North portal tomb, also known as Dermot and Grania’s Bed, is located in the townland of Straleel North in County Donegal, Ireland.

Straleel North Portal Tomb

The Portal Tomb of Straleel North, also known as Dermot and Grania’s Bed (Irish: Leaba Dhiarmada agus Ghráinne), is located in the townland of Straleel North (Irish: Srath Laoill Thuaidh) in County Donegal, Ireland. It is a more heavily damaged Portal Tomb situated on the moorland east of Glencolumbkille, amidst rocky terrain on a plateau overlooking the valley of the Sruhanstraleel River. Portal tombs are megalithic structures found on the British Isles, characterized by two equally tall, upright stones with a door stone in between, forming the front of a chamber covered by a partially massive capstone.

The tomb consists of a small, east-facing, trapezoidal chamber measuring approximately 2.0 meters in length and 0.6 to 0.8 meters in width. The grass-covered, slightly oval mound surrounding the structure measures about 9.5 × 9.0 meters and is 0.3 meters high. Three orthostats of the chamber are preserved. A portal stone and a side stone form the northern side. The portal stone has split, and a piece of its tip likely broke off. The side stone is inclined inwards. A third orthostat, opposite the side stone, forms the southern side of the chamber. A smaller capstone lies on the two side stones, while the main capstone, a large slab, rests over the front of the chamber. Its front end is on the ground, while its back is supported by the smaller capstone and the portal stone. The portal stone is about 1.0 meter long on the inside and was originally 0.4 meters thick. The side stone measures 0.9 meters in length, 0.2 meters in thickness, and would have been upright at 0.6 meters high. The southern side stone is 0.9 meters tall. The small capstone measures 1.4 × 1.35 meters and is 0.3 meters thick. The large capstone is 2.5 meters long, tapering from 2.1 meters in the west to 1.3 meters in the east, and is 0.3 meters thick.

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