Templemoyle Portal Tomb

The Templemoyle portal tomb is located approximately 2.9 km west of Culdaff in the townland of Templemoyle in County Donegal, Ireland.

Templemoyle Portal Tomb

The Portal Tomb of Templemoyle is located approximately 2.9 km west of Culdaff in the townland of Templemoyle (Irish: An Teampall Maol) in County Donegal, Ireland. Portal tombs are megalithic structures found on the British Isles, characterized by two equally tall, upright stones with a door stone in between, forming the front of a chamber covered by a partially massive capstone.

The Portal Tomb consists of a small, southeast-oriented chamber, with its front part collapsed. The chamber was approximately 1.8 meters long and 1.0 meter wide. A northwest end stone and two opposite side stones are present. A fallen capstone, with its front end resting on the ground, lies at the outer end of the southern side stone on a small stone. A recumbent stone in front of the southern side stone appears to be a fallen portal stone. It measures approximately 2.0 × 0.65 meters and is 0.2 meters thick. Some loose stones are scattered within the chamber. The end stone between the side stones is slightly inclined inwards and gabled in profile, standing at about 0.6 meters in height. The southern side stone is 0.9 meters high, while the northern one stands at 1.05 meters. The capstone is 2.3 meters long and tapers in width from approximately 2.0 meters at the front to 1.3 meters at the back. Its thickness decreases from 0.35 to 0.1 meters. According to a report from 1848, the now-open end of the chamber was closed by a door or sill stone (dimensions not recorded). A slightly raised ground next to the southern side stone may be the remnant of a mound.

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    image: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Templemoyle_Culdaff.jpg


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