Aetna Pyramids

These are parts of the notorious Pyramids discovered around Aetna Volcano in Sicily by Thor Heyerdahl. It is supposed that these ruins belong to giant altars of the Mediterranean warriors named as Sandars or Shekelesh more than 4000 years ago


Among the first pyramids built by man there are not only the Egyptian ones, indeed the Egyptian ones compared to these ones look much younger. Yes, Eastern Sicily is full of real and very ancient Pyramids.

Most of them are located within private properties, thus it is difficult to fully gather their full view and so having a full access for a visit, furthermore these pyramids have been modified over the years, even renovated with concrete and concrete blocks. Other times they served as a basis for the construction of small houses, or were almost entirely destroyed.

These are the Pyramids of Etna, or Aetna.


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