Årslev Dolmen

The Årslev Dolmen (Årslev-dyssen in Danish) is located on the edge of the city of Århus, Denmark.

Årslev Dolmen

The Årslev Dolmen (Årslev-dyssen in Danish) is one of the few dolmens in the region that was not completely destroyed in connection with the expansion of the city of Århus and agriculture in Denmark. Because of the surrounding buildings and the deep dredging of the site in connection with the two-lane expansion of Silkeborgvej, it is difficult to imagine the original landscape around 5500 years ago when the dolmen was built.

Until 1880 there was a similar dolmen 700 m to the east. Another large stone grave stood in the forest opposite the dolmen. The large stone grave dates from the Neolithic around 3500–2800 BCE.

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Årslev-dyssen, Silkeborgvej 704, 8220 Brabrand, Denmark
56.1530158, 10.0838925

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