Bay of Bones museum

The Bay of Bones Museum, also known as the Museum on Water, is a unique archaeological site located in North Macedonia.

bay of bones museum

The Bay of Bones Museum, also known as the Museum on Water, is a unique archaeological site located in North Macedonia, specifically on the shores of Lake Ohrid. It is situated near the village of Gradishte, southwest of the city of Ohrid.

The Bay of Bones Museum is a reconstruction of a prehistoric settlement that dates back to the Bronze and Iron Ages, approximately 1200 to 700 BC. The name “Bay of Bones” comes from the fact that the settlement was built on wooden platforms, and the foundations of the buildings were supported by wooden piles driven into the lakebed. These platforms extended into the lake, giving the impression of houses built on stilts, hence the term “on water.”

The museum offers a fascinating insight into the daily life and culture of the ancient inhabitants of the region. Visitors can explore the reconstructed dwellings, which are based on archaeological findings and extensive research. The site showcases traditional architectural styles and construction techniques used during that historical period. Additionally, various artifacts and tools used by the inhabitants are on display, providing a glimpse into their lifestyle, trade, and crafts.

One of the highlights of the Bay of Bones Museum is the boat museum, which houses several well-preserved ancient boats and canoes. These vessels were discovered during the archaeological excavations and are a testament to the advanced maritime skills and navigation abilities of the ancient settlers.

The museum’s location on the shores of Lake Ohrid also offers stunning views of the lake and its surrounding natural beauty, making it a popular tourist destination in North Macedonia. The site is not only of historical and archaeological significance but also serves as an educational and recreational spot.

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Museum „The Bay of Bones“, Bay of Bones Museum,Р501, North-Macedonia
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