Dolmen D8

Dolmen D8 is a portal grave that was constructed during the time of the funnel beaker culture.

dolmen d8

Dolmen D8 is a portal grave. The dolmen is located in the nature reserve De Strubben-Kniphorstbos in the Dutch province of Drenthe.

D8 was constructed between 3400 and 3100 BCE, and it is attributed to the funnel beaker culture.

Dolmen D8 is a fairly large dolmen with four capstones, eight side stones, and two keystones. The gate is oriented south-southwest. The dolmen is 7.9 meters long and 4.4 meters wide.

In contrast to the dolmen D7, which is also located in this nature reserve, this dolmen is not located at a high point in the landscape. It is believed that this dolmen lays along a prehistoric route. An old cart track runs near the dolmen.


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