Maelmin Henge

Maelmin Henge is a replica of a prehistoric henge monument that was built in the Till Valley, England.

Maelmin henge

Maelmin Henge is a replica of a prehistoric henge monument that was built in the Till Valley. Henge monuments are ancient circular earthworks typically characterized by a ditch and an inner bank with one or more entrances. While the original henge at Maelmin is believed to have existed in prehistoric times, the current reconstruction is a modern interpretation based on archaeological evidence and knowledge of similar structures.

The reconstruction project was initiated by Dr. Stan Beckensall, a local archaeologist, in the late 1980s. The purpose of the reconstruction was to give visitors a tangible experience of what the original henge might have looked like and to provide an educational resource for understanding prehistoric sites.

Maelmin Henge features a circular earthwork with a ditch and an inner bank. The henge is approximately 76 meters in diameter and is surrounded by a reconstructed timber palisade. Within the henge, there are several stone monoliths placed to represent standing stones that might have been present in the original monument. These stones are engraved with various symbols and motifs, adding to the site’s intrigue.

The reconstruction project also included the creation of an interpretive center where visitors can learn about the history and significance of henge monuments in the region. The center houses exhibits on prehistoric archaeology, local history, and the process of reconstructing the henge.

Maelmin Henge is open to the public, allowing visitors to explore the reconstructed henge and learn about the area’s prehistoric past. It serves as a focal point for educational visits, guided tours, and archaeological events, providing insights into the Neolithic and Bronze Age periods in this part of England.

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