Thingplatz Guly-Thing

The Thingplatz Guly-Thing in Gulde is a reconstruction of an ancient German Thing place.

thingplatz guly thing

The Thingplatz Guly-Thing in Gulde is located in Germany’s northernmost state Schleswig-Holstein. The Thingplatz was rebuilt in 2003 with great attention to detail.

The term Thing stands for a Germanic people’s assembly, court, or a council assembly, Guly means as much as speaking justice. The original Thingplatz Guly was the meeting place to pray to God until 1869. Today the place is called Guly-Thing, but it is no longer in its original place.

At the Guly-Thing there are several objects of interest: a dolmen, the runestone from Arrild, the suspected megalithic tomb, the jute tents, and of course the Thing itself. Also to be emphasized is the guard stone with the inscription: Wahrheit geht vor Recht (Truth comes before law).

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