Alexandropol kurgan
The Alexandropol kurgan is located near the village of Petrikovka in Ukraine.
Bamut burial mounds
The Bamut burial mounds - monuments of archaeological heritage, dating back to the second millennium BCE and are located near the village of Bamut, Sernovodsky region (Chechnya).
oguz kurgan
The Oguz Kurgan is located near the Lower Sirogozy Nyzhni district of Kherson region, Ukraine. The Kurgan is the burial site of a Scythian king from the fourth century BCE.
Nechaeva Mohyla
Nechaeva Mohyla (Ukrainian: Нечаєва Могила) is a Scythian burial mound near the village of Lukiivka, Ukraine.
solokha kurgan
The Solokha Kurgan is located in the eastern part of Ukraine, some 18 km from Kamianka-Dniprovska, on the left bank of the Dnieper.
Filippovka Kurgans
The Filippovka Kurgans are located near the village of Filippovka, Russia, on the edge of Europe and Asia.
apsat statue
The Apsat Statue is located in Alagirski District in North Ossetia, in Southern Russia.
Royal Kurgan of Kerch
The Royal Kurgan of Kerch from the 4th century BCE is one of the most impressive barrows (Kurgans) in the Crimea.
Uastirdzhi Monument
The Uastirdzhi Monument is a huge majestic monument located in the Alagir Gorge in Southern Russia, near the border of the territory of North Ossetia.
The Urakov Hillock is an archaeological site of the Mesolithic era and late Bronze Age, as well as a contemporary site dedicated to Germanic and Slavic gods.
Ancient Fire Sanctuary in the Oblast Wolgograd, Russia.
scythian neapolis
Scythian Naples was the most important settlement of the Scythians for centuries.

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