Anta da Estria

Anta de Estria is a neolithic dolmen dated to around 4000-2500 BCE.
anta da estria

Anta da Estria is located between Belas and Queluz, northwest of Lisbon, Portugal. Anta de Estria is a neolithic dolmen dated to around 4000-2500 BCE.

Anta da Estria consists of the remains of six bearing stones (one missing) in a polygonal long chamber that belongs to the "Antas de Belas". The capstones of the chamber and corridor and almost all the bearing stones of the corridor are missing or have been chipped off.

The first excavations of Anta da Estria were carried out by Carlos Ribeiro in the middle of the 19th century.

In 1910 the the site was registered and protected as a Monumento Nacional together with the neighbouring Anta do Senhor da Serra and Anta do Monte Abraão under the name Antas de Belas.

Today the site is not easy to access, as it is almost swallowed up by the highway.

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anta da estria
Anta da Estria, Belas, Portugal
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