Dólmenes de Corominas

The Dólmenes de Corominas are a group of megalithic tombs located in the region of Catalonia.

Dólmenes de Corominas

The Dólmenes de Corominas are a group of megalithic tombs located in the region of Catalonia, in northeastern Spain. The site is situated in a wooded area near the village of La Batlloria, in the province of Girona, and consists of four large dolmens that date back to the Neolithic period.

The dolmens are made up of large stone slabs, with massive upright stones that support massive capstones. The structures are similar in design to other megalithic tombs found throughout Europe, and are believed to have been used for burial and ritual purposes.

The largest of the four dolmens at the site is known as the Cova d’en Daina, and measures approximately 16 meters in length. The dolmen is made up of several large stones that weigh up to 30 tons, and was likely used to bury groups of people or important community members.

The other three dolmens at the site are smaller in size but are still impressive in their construction and design. They are known as the Dólmenes de Corominas II, III, and IV, and were likely used to bury individuals or small groups of people.

Archaeologists have uncovered several artifacts at the site, including pottery, tools, and jewelry, which provide insight into the lives and beliefs of the people who used the site during the Neolithic period. The artifacts suggest that the people who lived in the area were skilled craftsmen, and that they had a sophisticated understanding of astronomy and the movement of the stars.

The Dólmenes de Corominas are significant not only for their size and complexity but also for their cultural and historical importance. The dolmens are part of a larger network of megalithic tombs and burial mounds found throughout the Iberian Peninsula, which provides valuable insight into the social and religious practices of the people who lived in the region during the Neolithic period.

Today, the Dólmenes de Corominas are a popular tourist attraction and are recognized as an important cultural and historical landmark in Spain. Visitors can explore the various dolmens at the site and learn about the history and significance of the area.

The site is also part of a larger cultural and natural park, which includes other megalithic sites, as well as several hiking and nature trails that allow visitors to explore the area’s natural beauty.


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