The Externsteine are a sandstone formation in the Teutoburg Forest in Germany.


The Externsteine are a sandstone formation in the Teutoburg Forest in Germany, near Detmold. The formation consists of several long stones, which rise abruptly from the hilly landscape. The stones are made of sandstone and originated in the Cretaceous period about 120 million years ago.

The Externsteine are considered an attraction in North Rhine-Westphalia and also a breeding ground for a mystery.The Externsteine is one of the most well-known pagan sites in Germany. The site is known for its striking appearance and rich history, which includes both pagan and Christian religious associations.

The Externsteine consists of several tall rock pillars rising up from the surrounding forest, with a number of caves and hollows carved into the rocks. These features have led many to believe that the site was used for religious and spiritual purposes by the pagan Germanic tribes who lived in the region during the early Middle Ages.

Indeed, the Externsteine is associated with a number of pagan myths and legends, including the story of a giant named Widukind, who was said to have lived among the rocks. The site is also believed to have been a place of pilgrimage and ritual for the Saxons, who worshiped their gods in natural settings.

In later centuries, the Externsteine was adopted by the Christian church and was transformed into a place of worship and pilgrimage for Christians. The site features several Christian structures, including a chapel built into one of the rock pillars, as well as several crosses and statues.


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