Jorgucat chamber tomb

The Jorgucat chamber tomb is an archaeological site located in southern Albania, specifically in Gjirokastra county.

jorgucat chamber tomb

The Jorgucat chamber tomb, also known as the “ancient tomb of Jorgucat,” is an archaeological site located in southern Albania, specifically in Gjirokastra county. Positioned approximately 800 meters north of Jorgucat village, it sits on the northern side of the Durrës-Kakavija highway, marked SH4.

This grand burial site, dating back to the 3rd century, was fortuitously unearthed in the early 2010s during the construction of the SH4 main road. The discovery occurred while conducting earthworks on a small hill, prompting the road construction company to initiate a thorough archaeological excavation.

The chamber tomb, designed in the style of the Macedonian type, boasts a rectangular floor plan measuring 4 by 6 meters. Fashioned from travertine stones, the once majestic vaulted ceiling has succumbed to the ravages of time, leaving only remnants of its former glory. Notably, the stone slab that once guarded the entrance endures, along with a fragment of the threshold and a double-winged stone door.

This stone door is an intriguing find, as it appears to have been intricately adorned with elaborate carved motifs and decorative buttons, indicative of the tomb’s significance. Previously, a gently sloping path led down to the tomb from the south, but after the site’s discovery, it was replaced by a modern staircase to ensure easier access and preservation.

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