Mount Tomorr

Mount Tomorr is a sacred mountain in Albania and a popular place of pilgrimage today.


Mount Tomorr is a sacred mountain in Albania where the Sky god has been worshiped since Antiquity and which is still a popular place of pilgrimage today, set on 20-25th August. Mount Tomorr is to Albania what Mount Fuji is to Japan or Mount Olympus to Greece.

The pilgrimage on mount Tomorr involves mostly sacrifices and setting little fires to roast and share them, but also prayers to the sun and ablution in mountain springs.

Mount Tomorr is still the most sacred place of Albania and is felt as such almost naturally by Albanians, regardless of religious affiliations. Author Arthur B. Cook writes about Mount Tomorr: “the abiding sanctity of the mountain, the annual  pilgrimage to its summit, and the solemn sacrifice of a white bull by the assembled villagers are ample proof that the ancient cult of the sky-god on his holy hill goes on from generation to generation almost untouched by the passing changes of politics and religion.” (Cook, 1940, p 1171).

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