Ognevische (Sanctuary Trekhostrovskoe)

Ancient Fire Sanctuary in the Oblast Wolgograd, Russia.


Ognevische (Sanctuary Trekhostrovskoe) is a religious complex, which has no equivalent in Europe. This huge sanctuary of the Indo-Iranian Zoroastrians, had appeared here before the new era.

This is a circle with a diameter of about 200 m, surrounded by a moat and rampart. The centre was equipped with a fire shield with a radius of up to 25 m, with a recess lined with limestone and walls of earthen blocks moulded in boxes made of rods. During excavations, it was found that in this huge hearth for decades, and maybe centuries, a fire burned. Logs and branches were constantly brought from floodplain forests and stacked in a huge pile. After drying, the wood was burned through special ignition holes. The furnace was closed with stone debris and clay, a column of smoke was visible for many kilometres, and without access to oxygen, charcoal was formed in the pit.


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