Bricket Wood Coven

The Bricket Wood coven, or Hertfordshire coven is a coven of Gardnerian witches founded in the 1940s by Gerald Gardner.

Bricket wood coven

The Bricket Wood Coven, also known as the Hertfordshire Coven, is the world’s first coven of Gardenian Wicca.

Founded in Hertfordshire in the 1940s by Gerald B. Gardner, it succeeded the New Forest Coven, where Gardner himself was initiated. With the Bricket Wood Coven, Gardner aimed to pass on his now codified traditions of Wicca in written form. Many of the most prominent figures within Wicca were initiated through this coven, including Doreen Valiente, Jack Bracelin, Thelma Capel, Eleanor Bone, and Lois Bourne. The coven continues to exist to this day, making it the oldest active coven in England.

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