Rock Engravings National Park of Naquane (BS)

A prehistoric site with many sacred images engraved in the rocks.

In the National Park of Naquane, which is located in a natural environment dominated by chestnut trees near Capo di Ponte in Val Camonica (BS), it is possible to see over 100 engraved rocks.

The chronology of Naquane rock art must be placed between the Neolithic (5th-4th millennia BCE) and the Iron Age (1st millennium BCE). On these large grey-purplish sandstone surfaces, the Camunni, the ancient people living in the valley, engraved images depicting scenes from their everyday life (houses, work and hunt scenes, objects) or from their spiritual world (praying people, priests, labyrinths, gods). The most famous are the Running Priest (rock n. 35), and one of the most ancient images of the god Cernunnos (rock n. 50).

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Località Naquane, 25044 Capo di Ponte (BS), Italy
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