Temple of Magna Mater

The Temple of Magna Mater, also known as the Temple of Cybele, was an ancient temple located on the Palatine Hill in Rome.
temple of magna mater

The Temple of Magna Mater, also known as the Temple of Cybele, was an ancient temple located on the Palatine Hill in Rome. It was dedicated to Magna Mater, the Great Mother goddess, who was worshipped in Phrygia, a region in what is now Turkey.

The temple was built in 204 BCE, during the Second Punic War, to bring the favor of Magna Mater to the Roman army. According to legend, a prophecy had stated that Rome would not be able to defeat the Carthaginians until the goddess was brought to Rome. The goddess was represented by a black meteorite that was brought from Phrygia and placed in the temple.

The temple was designed in the Hellenistic style and was considered one of the most impressive buildings in Rome. It featured a large courtyard, surrounded by columns and an altar in the center where animal sacrifices were offered. The sanctuary housed the statue of Magna Mater and was considered a sacred space where only the priests were allowed to enter.

The temple played an important role in the Roman religious calendar and was the site of a major festival, the Megalesia, which was held annually in April in honor of Magna Mater. During the festival, the statue of the goddess was taken from the temple in a procession and paraded through the streets of Rome. The festival also included games, theatrical performances, and other events.

Today, little remains of the Temple of Magna Mater except for some columns and the foundation. The temple was destroyed and rebuilt several times over the centuries and was eventually abandoned in the 5th century CE. Nevertheless, the temple remains an important part of Roman history and is a testament to the cultural and religious exchange that took place between Rome and the East during the ancient period.

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temple of magna mater
Tempio della Magna Mater, Via di S. Teodoro, 9, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
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