Naveta of Biniac (West)

The Naveta of Biniac (West) is a prehistoric tomb in the municipality of Alaior on the Balearic island of Menorca, Spain.
Naveta of Biniac (West)

The Naveta of Biniac (West) (Catalan Naveta de Biniac Occidental) is a prehistoric tomb in the municipality of Alaior on the Balearic island of Menorca, Spain.

The Naveta is in the northwest of the town of l’Argentina, only about 100 m from the island's main road Me-1. Of the ten structures of this type between Alaior and Maó, it is the northernmost. Closest to it are the Naveta of Llumena Fasser 350 m west and the Eastern Naveta of Biniac about 700 m southeast. The well-known Navetas of Rafal Rubí are almost two kilometers southeast.

At the archaeological site, which is freely accessible at all times, there is an information board of the Island Council of Menorca (Consell Insular de Menorca). The naveta of Biniac (West) has an almost circular floor plan and originally a hemispherical shape. Their diameter is about eight meters. The naveta was built from large stones in a Cyclops construction, but only the lower three rows of stones have been preserved. The south-facing entrance leads into a narrow, only 80 cm high and 1.70 m long corridor, the top plate of which has been preserved. The end of the corridor is formed by a perforated monolith, through whose rectangular opening, measuring 53 cm by 60 cm, the burial chamber can be reached. A recess around the opening indicates that it was closed with a stone slab or wooden door. The oblong-oval burial chamber is 4.45 m long and up to 2.10 m wide in the middle.

Navetas are megalithic tombs that only occur in Menorca. They are typical buildings of the Bronze Age, but were still used at the beginning of the Iron Age. It is named after the fact that its shape - as in Rafal Rubí - is reminiscent of the hull of an overturned ship (Nau in Catalan). Each naveta served a family group as a collective burial site. The dead were deposited in the burial chamber without covering them with earth.

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Naveta of Biniac (West)
naveta de Biniac Occidental, Carrer de ses Vuit Quarterades, 8, 07730 L'Argentina, Illes Balears, Spain
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