Peko Jumalamägi

Peko Jumalamägi is a sacred hill of the Seto people. On top of the hill is a wooden statue of the god Peko.

peko jumalamägi estonia

Peko Jumalamägi (meaning hill of the god Peko) is a sacred place of the Seto people. It is believed that it is on this hill that the god takes the souls of the dead in his carriage up to the heavens.

For most of modern times this hill was just known to be sacred among a handful of locals, and a lot of people thought this kind of “superstition” was a thing of the past. Then, in 2007, locals started to use this place again as a sacred site. A local sculptor by the name of R. Veeber made the wooden statue of Peko that now stands on top of the hill.

Peko is the god of fertility and agriculture, and the Seto people visit the place before major events for good luck. Historically, Peko was worshipped by the people of Estonia, Finland, and larger Karelia.


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