The stone cist graves of Hundikangrud

stone cist graves estonia

The stone cist graves of Hundikangrud (also known as Muuksi Hundikangrud) are stone cist graves on Lake Kahala in Muuksi in the municipality of Kuusalu in Estonia. The concentration of around 250 stone cist graves is unique in Estonia. They are located in an Alvar area with a thin layer of humus and are mostly oriented towards the lake. The largest group in the region and Estonia is called Hundikangrud (Wolfsmountain).

Stone cist graves are the most numerous and best-studied archaeological monuments of the Bronze and Iron Ages in Estonia. They were constructed from 1100 to 200 BCE, and some graves possibly later. Several men, women, and children were buried in the stone cist graves.

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stone cist graves estonia
Muuksi Hundikangrud, Muuksi, 74612 Harju maakond, Estonia
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